History of the WCC

The WCC was founded as the Trans Continental Marconi Communications Corporation, in preparation for Wasteland Weekend in 2011.

There we used a car battery, a mobile radio and a home made antenna to communicate with other radio operators across North America. By voice communication, text chat and slow scan image transmission, using simple means in the California desert, we spoke to people as far east as Georgia, USA, as far north as Alberta, Canada and as far south as Costa Rica.

More importantly we opened the eyes of many young people to the world of amateur radio communications. Introducing them to the ability to talk to people in faraway places using simple tools, without access to the Internet, mains power or telephone lines in times of crisis was very rewarding.

The founding members of the WCC were Adam Kasper and Erik Lundin, both employed at a Southern California high tech startup. Erik has been involved with amateur radio since 2010 and has used it to contact people all over the globe with an array of home built antennas. They founded the group in order to introduce fans of the post apocalyptic fiction genre at Wasteland Weekend 2011 to emergency communications methods.

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