Field Day 2012

Field Day 2012 was the first field day where the WCC was represented. We operated in the 1A Class in the Santa Barbara region, under the club call sign K6WCC. With the kind permission of the Forest Service we operated on a hill top in the Los Padres National Forest, using the latest addition to the WCC motor pool, #017, as a mast. Primarily we worked 20m and 40m using a three element beam and a wire antenna.

Members Jacob KD5FEG (now N6HPA) and Erik N8MJK worked together on Field Day 2011 and were seeking to up their number of contacts from 235 to 300 in 2012. They completely destroyed that estimate with 550 contacts in the 24 hours on the mountain. Obviously this is a result we are very pleased with. Being the first time we deployed our current equipment, many lessons were also learned about how we can improve operating conditions as well as speed up deployment time.

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