WCC Postal Service

WCC_PS_LogoAt certain events, such as Wasteland Weekend, The Juggers of the Wasteland Winter Games and at Uranium Springs, the WCC provides a post office under the auspices of the WCC Postal Service.

Post Office

The Post Office at Wasteland Weekend 2015. Photo courtesy of Thomas Kerns.

The primary function of the WCC Postal Service is to provide an interface between attendees and the USPS. Hand us any letter or post card and it will be sent out upon completion of the event, using customized postal stamps for a modest fee. As a secondary function we also sell awesome and unique post cards for you to write and send out! The post cards we offer are themed custom cards which fit into the back story of each event. At the moment, all cards are $1 US, and postage is $1 US. Appropriate barter will always be considered. At this time we do not offer service for packages. Come visit us at Wasteland Weekend 2014, but first check out this ad from The Apocalypse Post!

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