Wasteland Communication Corporation

The WCC is really two things. The first is the Wasteland Communication Club. We are an amateur radio club dedicated to introducing fans of postapocalyptic fiction to wireless communication. The second thing is the Wasteland Communication Corporation, which is our tribe at the Wasteland Weekend event in Southern California.

The WCC 121 light truck passing through the Wasteland gate.

Our mission is to introduce fans of post apocalyptic fiction to wireless communication methods, and how they may be employed in a real disaster situation. By doing this we hope to increase awareness of amateur radio and its role in emergency communications, as well as bring more young people into the hobby.

Our members come from all walks of life, and have all levels of technical experience and knowledge. All we require is a genuine interest for amateur radio or post apocalyptic fiction. Most of our members choose to get their ham radio licenses, and while it is encouraged by the club, it is not required. We can offer assistance to members and others trying to get into the hobby.

If you want to learn more about us, about amateur radio, or about the Wasteland Weekend event, please contact us! We’re also available on Facebook and Google+.